Trekking To Meesapulimala

Trekking to Meesapulimala is one of the most amazing and unforgettable experience you will ever have in your entire life.

Hills and mountains are the ladders you should climb if you wish to touch the sky.

If asked about which one is the tallest mountain in Kerala, any kid would shout that its Aanamudi. But does anyone know which comes in the second place?

Ever since the Malayalam movie Charlie was released, Meesapulimala and the trekking to this hill top became a trend among all the adventurous young minds in Kerala and all over South India.

What people used to do in the earlier days was that they would just trek to Meesapulimala through Kolukkumalai. When the Kerala government found out this, they literally banned the entrance via Kolukkumalai. The government found the trek via Kolukkumalai to Meesapulimala to be illegal because Kolukkumalai is located in Tamil Nadu and Meesapulimala is in Kerala.

Since the government has banned this trekking route, what has happened is that, now if you want to trek to Meesapulimala, you’ll have to go through the Kerala government’s own KFDC department. They have arranged tour packages and trekking plans for you to enjoy the hill top.

Booking can be done via the KFDC’s website. Meesapulimala is the second highest point in Kerala with a height of 8661 feet. The trekking package comes in two different price plans.

The first one will be Rs.3500 for two people. You can stay in the base camp and trek to Meesapulimala, which is a 10 kilometers hike by the way.

The second package is Rs.7000, which lets you stay in the Rhodo Mansion in the Rhodovalley.

Whichever plan you choose, it comes with meals for 3 times a day and the service of a tour guide.

If you decide to travel to Meesapulimala from any neighboring districts of Idukki, then you will be able to get on any KSRTC bus service from Ernakulam to Munnar. It’ll cost only a 100 bucks.

The KFDC office is located near Rose Garden in Mattupetty. If you blindly follow the address given on their official website and just say you want to go to Flori Culture Centre, then you’ll probably end up in the middle of nowhere. Most of the auto rickshaw drivers are not really familiar with that name.

Walking through the rose garden will take you to the KFDC office. If you have booked a trekking package via their website, they’ll check your IDs and then will send you off to the base camp. Let me remind you that the base camp is 22 KM away. You can either go in your own vehicle if you are crazy about driving, or you can book a vehicle offered by KFDC itself. This booking also has to be done earlier. Just know that if you decide to go in your own vehicle, you’ll probably end up having a piece of metal junk by the end of the journey, because the road is full of hard rocks and rough terrain. The vehicle offered by KFDC will cost you Rs.1000 though.

The trip to the base camp is through the roads in the estates. A major portion of the road is in good condition. You’ll probably reach the destination in one hour. You can notice the terrain getting rough and roads getting bad as you approach the base camp.

The KFDC officials will check your booking details and verify them. As soon as the process is done, they will allocate you with the tents for staying. One tent will be for two people. There will be more than 20 tents total in the forest.

The KFDC building has the facility to set up a camp fire if you are interested.

This is something I should have mentioned at the beginning. You’re gonna have to wake up earlier if you really want to see the beauty you came to see.

Near the base camp, there is a building called Sky Cottage, located approximately 400 meters away. This building is full of windows and is located in the valley. This is another building in which they set up stay for travelers. There is a waterfall which you can see if you stand near this building. Also, you’ll be able to see Aanamudi and Mattupetty dam.

You can walk through the valley just as a trial run for the amazing trekking experience you are going to have the next day.

Supper will be served at 8.30. It is highly recommended that you eat and sleep as early as possible, to avoid any stress in the next morning.

In the morning, try to wake up as early as possible to enjoy the calmness and quietness of the dense forest. Though, you won’t be able to see or capture any beautiful views of the sunset, because you are in the middle of a dense forest.

Breakfast will be served at 8 AM in the morning. Also, the food for you to each during lunch will be packed and given to you. You can go to the next destination, which is Rhodovalley. The vehicle charge will be Rs.1000.

You can either trek the whole 10 kilometers. Or you can travel in a vehicle for the first 5-6 KM and then trek to the top.

The jeep will come to pick you up near the Sky Cottage. The road to Rhodovalley is extremely difficult to drive with rocks and hairpin twists and turns everywhere. Four wheel drive vehicle and an experienced driver are required to survive in this journey, which the KFDC has arranged. At the end of this 6 KM journey, you’ll end up in Rhodo mansion. This is where the people who have chosen Rs.7000 package will stay. You can see three small homes.

You can start the trekking to Meesapulimala from this point onwards. The first destination in your trek will be the shooting point. As you expect, the valley is filled with plants and flowers which are a visual treat to your eyes.

There is a small lake located not long away from there. This is where the wild animals come to drink water. The name of this pond is Karinkulam. You can see Mattupetty dam from the top of the hill. If you are lucky, you’ll see many wild animals too.

The trek to the top of Meesapulimala has a lot up climbing ups and downs. Sometimes you’ll have to climb small hills, sometimes go down or sometimes even walk through flat areas.

As you climb through the small hills, you will start to see Meesapulimala somewhere in the long distance.

In the end of the trekking, there is only one hill, That is our final destination. The one and only Meesapulimala. This will be the 8th hill if you count from where you started trekking. It’s all grass in Meesapulimala and not many rocks are there to disturb you during the trek. Though, the grassland might be slippery due to the snowfall.

The climate at the top of Meesapulimala is unpredictable. Sometimes, there may be heavy snow. Sometimes not. As you trek to this amazing place and reach the top, what’s waiting for you there is an unforgettable view which you can not explain with any picture or words. Nature will show you exactly what it is supposed to be and you’ll forget everything else and get immersed in the amazing experience.


The clouds will be floating around you. The small hills which you saw when you started the trek to Meesapulimala will be invisible as you reach the top. The only thing you will see is clouds and nature!

Since you came with packed lunch, you can enjoy it sitting on the hilltop. Once you have got what you came for, you can start climbing down.

The only thought in your mind, while you come back from Meesapulimala, will be that of the unfortunate souls in the world who never got to see the awesome sight you just saw. The unforgettable sceneries and experience which nature has preserved for humans to enjoy and explore!

That’s how you finish your trekking to Meesapulimala.