KFDC Meesapulimala Trekking Trip Booking

The trip to Meesapulimala can only be done legally via the official KFDC approval. The first step of getting your Meesapulimala trip booked is to make a purchase via KDFC official website.

How to Book Meesapulimala via KFDC Online?

The KFDC website might confuse you a little bit, but simply follow these steps to Book your trek to Meesapulimala. There are three different packages available according to your budget. Upon booking, you will be eligible for a trekking to Meesapulimala, a guide’s service, stay and food.

Head over to KDFC online reservations

You can see different packages and their pricing details.

Package 1: Sky Cottage

This is a lonely cottage at the edge of a cliff. Perfect for couples who want to get away and enjoy a vacation undisturbed. You can view waterfall and hills from this place. You can book the Sky Cottage for Rs.9000 from here.

Package 2: Rhodo Valley РRhodo Mansion

Rhodo mansion is slightly less expensive than Sky Cottage. The booking price is Rs.6000 for two persons. You get to enjoy a nice campfire and the locally cooked food. Book Rhodo Mansion from here.

Package 3: Base Camp

In base camp, there are 40 tens available and is the most preferred package due to it’s affordability. Two persons can stay in one camp and will be eligible for a tour guide, food etc. You can Book Meesapulimala base camp package from here

Do I have to spend additional for the trekking?

No, you don’t. even though this is basically booking a stay at Meesapulimala, the KFDC department is generous enough to provide you a complete tour guide, night stay at your desired place, full package food. But travel expenses are not covered in this package. That is, if you wish to take a vehicle to the trekking, then it’s extra. Other than that, everything is included in this package.

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Here are some deals if you intent to stay at some other places