Meesapulimala Snowfall Experience

If you have seen the Malayalam movie ‘Charlie’, then you must be remembering the most famous dialog from it.

Have you seen the snowfall in Meesapulimala

This single dialog has made the entire hillstation a popular hiking destimation among travellers.

So the question here is, is there really a snowfall in Meesapulimala and if there is, how beautiful it is.

If you’ve gone through the wonderful images of Meesapulimala, then you already have an idea how wonderful it is and you can see the mountain covered in mist and snow.

Travelers who have been to Meesapulimala during various times of the year always speaks about the view and the amazing drizzling feeling you get when you walk through the mist and snow.

The below videos shows how it will look like when the hill station is covered in mist.

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